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Longest Ride Ever

More to come later, but a quick report... I have to get back to studying for boards - THIS Wednesday! ARRG! Hopefully they will be over very soon, I will never have to take them again, and I can focus on work and training without them hanging over my head. The 70 miles yesterday went well (it actually came back at 70.75, but close enough. I felt pretty good the whole day but completely ran out of gas by the end. I'm pretty sure that my blood sugar got too low. Need to keep working on that aspect. The course I did was relatively flat with a few good sized hills, and I averaged 15.5 MPH. Lots of room for improvement, but I am improving. I just hope that the improvement is coming fast enough. Maybe with the new bike that's on it's way? Did a 30 minute run right afterward and actually felt OK. I'm learning to like the feeling of the bike-to-run transition. Easy run and bike today. I'm really looking forward to a recovery week this week and camping with my family next weekend. Off to the books...



SLS, you are freaking awesome. I'm pretty sure I told you that on my 10 mile (whoopie) run training for Gma's half, I had an imaginary conversation with you! I missing training with you. I hope that we can meet up for maybe one of your post bike ride runs. I think they should change the saying to "tough as Linder". :)

And Steve, you're not a jack ass. You rock too!!

Steve S.

Thanks Maddy! Glad to hear you're on my side. You and Sarah can hopefully get in some good runs shortly because Sarah is taking her last test as I type! The studying is OVER!! Three cheers for Sarah!


Hooray for being done with boards!!! If only I could say the same.

I'm going to try and do a bike and run tomorrow. My training program says 20 minute run and 6 mile bike. I feel pathetic compared to you.


Everyone has to start somewhere! Hooray for new fun bikes!