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First Open Water Swim of the Year!

...And BOY do I have a lot of freakin' work to do! I always seem to forget just how disorienting that first open swim is each year. Seeing as how I swim in a 25 yard pool with nice fancy black lines painted on, it is so much different to hop in the lake. Fortunately, Nokomis is very swimmer friendly. They have a special area for swimmers/triathletes to swim around the buoys, and there were lot of swimmers there tonight. I felt at times that I was actually in a triathlon when the "just keep them from kicking your head" mentality kicked in.

When I first hopped in, my form went all to hell. I was swimming a lot faster than I normally do, and I know that I need to work on this. Come Sept, I cannot sustain 2.4 miles of terrible, fast form. I guess it's weekly open water swims from here on out! I am also planning on going to the local outdoor pool a few times. It is a 50 M pool. Hopefully the change of scenery and fewer walls to push off will make me a little stronger both physically and mentally. If I remember right, it doesn't have lines on the bottom.

The hilly bike workout went pretty well last night. I found a couple more hills to add in. Now if I can just make it about 20 miles longer... I tried to stay in the saddle when climbing up the hills, but there were a couple of out of the saddle 4mph ascents. Max speed was greater than 35 mph downhill. I had used up all of my high gears and was still spinning at a 110 cadence at that point.

Well, better hit the hay. Have a 4.5 mile run before work tomorrow then another swim tomorrow night.



If you want a swimming partner let me know!! - tdawg