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From Another Planet?

A funny thing (at least I think so) happened to me at the Y on Friday night. I got off work and went straight there. I figured I'd get in some free weights before hitting my spinning class. Now I don't normally notice much going on around me in the weight room. When I started lifting on a regular basis 8 years ago, it was in the weight room that our D3 sports teams used. I was often the only female in the whole room, so I made it my goal to get in, work out, and leave - no wasting time.

Well on Friday, I was very aware that this guy kept looking at me. First I wondered if we knew each other. I quickly realized that wasn't the case. Then I wondered if I had seen him there before, but he had very distinct tattoos. I know I would have remembered them. I brushed it off and finished my workout, still a little puzzled.

A disclaimer: the free weights at my Y are unusually large. The 15s and 20s look almost the same as the 30s. I have big arms. I've always had big arms. If I don't lift weights, they look big and undefined. If I do, they look bigger but defined, so I lift. Not as much as I used to, but enough to keep lunch lady syndrome from creeping in.

I think figured out the answer to my question when I went into the spinning studio. He and his girlfriend were taking the class for the first time. She was a twig. Her biceps were about as big as my wrists, and even though there were plenty of bikes available, she opted to ride a clip-only one in her tennis shoes so that she could be right next to him. That can only lead me to believe one thing. This guy kept staring at me in the weight room because he was wondering what planet Amazon women come from.


Steve S.

I'll tell you from what planet!! Planet Sexy!

Who wants a twig? I'll tell you who! Nobody! That's who!


:) I wish I had amazon woman arms!

Lance Notstrong

They come from planet "kickass"!!! :-)


He was diggin' those HAWTTTT arms! :) Woo hoo!

Pharmie has a boyfriend, Pharmie has a boyfriend....Steve, you gonna TAKE THIS?


Hee, hee. You've definitely started something here. Love the "lunch lady syndrome" and associated visual.


twig girl was just intimidated by your hawt athletic chick vibe.


I'll trade you some quad muscles for some of your bicep muscles.


We might have to start calling you "pharmie the Amazon warrior".


HA! I'll bet he was wondering what it would feel like to wrap his manly hands around your beautiful big guns.

As for skinny-pie I have but one word - clueless. Who in the world rides a bike with clip-only pedals in sneakers?


I have amazon woman calves. I'll trade you some arm muscle for some calf muscle.