...And Breathe

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Holy cow it was a whirlwind week. I went from being on vacation to working 7 (very long) days in a row, sewing two quilts, and studying the two hardest chapters in my "Updates in Therapeutics: The Pharmacotherapy Preparatory Course" book (I'm taking a massive certification test in October). Last night, I took a deep breath, watched So You Think You Can Dance (my current and only TV guilty pleasure), and packed for Steelhead. Tomorrow morning at 0400, we leave for Michigan.

I am so excited to see my friends again and am looking forward to racing my longest tri of the season. I'd also like to see a PR, but we'll see what the day brings. It's supposed to be 92 degrees on Saturday, which is apparently the only weather I get for HIM distances. My last two have been over a hundred degrees with the heat index.

Well, time to finish packing so we can get to bed! And since I can't show you my much smarter brain now that I've mastered biostatistics and clinical trials, I'll show pics we took of the two jean quilts we made this past week:

It takes a lot of work to cut up the old jeans, but we love to give these as wedding presents!

I really love the lady bugs and flowers. They make me happy :)

The perfect size for parades, summer picnics, and winter emergencies!

The strawberries on the back will be perfect for my cousin Andy and his fiance Kate .
Hopefully I'll have some great race shots for you in a couple of days. That is, if Steve's not too busy dancing around in his bowl full of sunshine shorts to take pictures!



Good Luck to you Pharmie!

I am a regular reader of your husband's blog but didn't realize you had a blog too. Glad he linked your name on one of his last posts.

Have fun at Steelhead; Try to keep cool out there on the course.

Looking foward to reading your race report.


Good luck this weekend at Steelhead, drinks lots and ICE will be your friend..

NIce quilts, can you make one with old race shirts? If so, can I place an order :)


Seriously love those quilts - those are fantastic!

Good luck this weekend - Steelhead is great and I hope you have a GREAT time!!


Good Luck with the race. Hopefully Steve can get some good shots.

Love the quilts btw ... in a manly way of course. My wife would love the ladybird one - she's into ladybirds for some obscure reason ... have you ever thought of selling them?


I'll make sure to keep my jeans away from you, cute quilt. Have a great race!! Kat~


Good luck tomorrow!

If you promise to ROCK STEELHEAD I'll rock my half! Steph said I had to run fast so she can get back and buy tickets for some stupid dancing show. :P

Good luck!


Oh jean quilt!!! How cool is that. Your cousin and his fiancee are totally going to love it!

And don't worry about the pics, in case Steve didn't get any James got some great ones of you. Easier to catch the good ones when you're not half naked and wiggling erratically all day, you know... ;)

Way to rock the course out there chica! And it was so awesome to see you again. Until next time, just two words for you guys...

NEW ORLEANS!!!!! :) :) :) :)


Those quilts are wicked - what a neat idea!

Hope you had a good race. Looking forward to the report and the pics!


Great idea...now you have given me incentive to finish my race t-shirt quilt. (I go in spurts...time to finish!)


OK, I am late on this but it had to be said...

You are gorgeous, smart AND can sew?! If you tell me you are a gourmet cook I am sticking my head in an oven.


Oh, very nice quilt by the way. :o)


LOVE the jean quilt! Was starting to think I was the only girl in the world saving old jeans for these
: )
I know what you mean about all the work - I've got a big pile of old jeans on my craft shelf, and I cut one or two up when I'm on hold and stuff to spread it out.

My current goal is to save all of Baby Bear's blue jeans throughout his childhood and make him a jean quilt out of them to take to college.