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Holy Cow! Just got back from vacation, and my "to-do" list is as long as my arm. Gotta get it all done before I head back to work on Friday, work 7 days in a row, and make the trip out to Steelhead!

Got back from a few days at the cabin with Steve's family last night. It was awesome with a capital A. Napping, relaxing, sitting in the sun, card games, and spending time with family. I even got my pharmacy reading done and some great workouts in. Pics to come later. My photographer is teaching a class right now :) Highlights:

* Steve's the greatest. Saturday was our 5 year wedding anniversary, and he posted the cutest tribute to "us". Then he shooed me out of the house so I could get in a long run while he packed the car. I wasn't really excited to go but knew I needed to. Sometimes I just need a good kick in the pants when that happens.

* Seeing our nephew Ian crawl all over the place. He's only 6 months old, but he'll be walking in no time!

* Asking Steve before our open water swim on Monday if he ever worried that fish would come up and bite his toes. His reply? "Something like that." I thought I was the only one! All I kept thinking about was the sparkly pink toenail polish that I have on and how the sun was most definitely bouncing off of it - looking exactly like the lures his grandpa uses. Thankfully, I finished the swim with all of my toes.

* The first 30 miles of my 75 mile bike were the most boring miles I've ever experienced. Normally I don't believe in headphones, especially on the bike, but I sure could have used a podcast or something. I saw one man with his dog, a herd of 6 stray cats, about a hundred rabbits, and one car. Far from the usual craziness I'm trying to dodge in the city. Plus, the trail was pancake flat, so all the excitement I had was stopping to pee twice. Thankfully, the rest of the countryside started to come to life around 8:30, so I didn't have to continue the singing.

* Yesterday, I took the day off from structured workouts and did some "cross training" - water skiing and jet skiing instead. How is it that I'm sorer from that than the 2 mile swim, 12 mile run, and 75 mile bike ride I did on the days preceding it?!?

* I slathered on sunscreen like it was going out of style, but I still managed some pretty strange looking sunburns. Only the ones on my lower butt cheeks hurt. Maybe I need a more full coverage swim suit, or maybe I just need a smaller bum.

Back to work! My cousin's wedding is just a few weeks away, and I haven't even started his quilt!



Glad you had fun and still got in your workouts!

I'm not sure I can be much help with a quilt...I could supervise though. :-)


I've confessed my fear of fish on many occasions. Why I like to swim the Sharkfest in the SF Bay is a mystery - I guess it's the thrill of survival.

Sounds like you had a great vacation!


Sounds like you had a great weekend. Loved the blog post that Steve posted for you anniversary! Very cute! I giggled about your toe polish too because I think of it a lot and contemplate removing it before races and swimming in open water! :)


Hey!! Whew it sounds like we're caught up in the same whirlwind. Sorry I haven't called you back yet!

You're so ready for Steelhead man, NO worries with all that mileage under your belt! My "epic" weekend turned into an epic day :) 10-mile run in the non-freaking-stop rain on Saturday (since I couldn't go ride in it, so I decided I would count double since Sunday was too booked to do the ride, but would have been OK for the run... that I already did. Craziness huh?).

See you in a week-ish!


My dermatologist says she wears a "full length skin guard suit" when she and her kids are outside in the summer. Umm...hmm.
Good luck this week and in the next race!


Hey great job on your workouts! I have quick question for you. I think I remember reading on your husband's blog a while back that you use Nuun. I am thinking of using it for my half ironman. What do you use for your calories then? Gels?


Nice Race! Feel your to-do list pain. I'm supposed to have a quilt done next Sat. Not going to happen! Nice to find another quilter. Kat~

Running To Stand Still

At first I thought you saw the guy and his dog, the 6 cats, 100 rabbits all at the same time. I think it is time for bed, lol.

Glad you guys had a good time!


Have a great time at Steelehead! I'd go with a nice dark blue nail polish for swims-it's the whole lure thing :-) It was fun seeing Steve today at Chisago-


Thanks for your note! Good luck at Steelhead. You will do great!


Good luck this weekend-I think we're in the same wave!


Good luck at Steelhead!!


Enjoy your race at Steelhead!!


Good luck on your half IM!!!


Good luck this weekend Pharmie!! I'll cheer for you from across the Big Lake!!!! Go Steelhead!!


Hi Pharmie,
I read your husband's blog and felt compelled to visit yours to wish you luck this weekend at Steelhead. GOOD LUCK! Since keeping up with the shenanigans of your husband seems like an endurance event in and of itself, I'm sure you are well trained and will rock this race!

Also, I love your list of activities from the cabin trip. Just wondering...do you guys play Euchre (sp?)?


PHARMIE, GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND!!! you are going to kick ass, i can feel it!


Have a blast at Steelhead! Rock that race!!


Good luck at Steelhead!! Wishing you a successful competition and a fun trip.


sounds like a good week. good luck with Steelhead Pharmie! go get 'em!