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Let's Talk About Socks, Ba-by

So I've been a huge fan of Smartwool for years. I love to wear them around the house, and I've worn them for countless races. They seem to magically keep my feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and my tootsies feel dry even when they're soaked. I haven't bought new ones for a while, though, and mine are getting pretty worn. Now I've got a couple of new fun brands and thought I'd share them with you all.

The Bridgdale company sent Steve a few trial pairs this spring. I wore them for all of my long runs this spring and for Grandma's marathon two weeks ago. I gave one of the 3 pairs to Steph when her feet started to look like bad hamburger after our long runs. She wore them for each of her long runs too, and she never got another blister, not even during the marathon. Steve snapped this pic when they first came in the mail:

Mine are the three on the left. The top blue and grey pair is the one I gave to Steph.

Bridgedales are different than Smartwool in that the extra padding is only in key areas. They are much lighter on the top and through the arch. It makes them less "around the house" socks than the woolies (which I wear on our hardwood floors in the winter). They may be my new favorites for performance though. My feet stay really comfortable on the bike or during a run. They're really cushy without being bulky, and I heart them! They come in all sorts of fun colors, different shapes and sizes for various activities, and even come foot specific in some of their models. Check 'em out.
Just a couple of days ago, we got my shipment of Drymax socks, just in time for a sticky Minnesota summer. When Steve got 2nd in the Drymax challenge this spring, the company sent him a huge box of socks and told him that there would be some coming for me too. How cool is that? I finally got rewarded for putting up with his craziness :)

It's not the 42 pairs that Steve got, but it's probably a year's supply for me.

I'll let you know how they work out. I'm really excited to put them to my own tests!


Jumper 2.0

Awesome review.

I haven't seen drymax in any stores around here yet.

I have worn smartwool for years and have the nice think ones for winter too. Isn't it amazing how you can even wear the thick ones during warmer weather and your feet are nice and dry and comfortable?

You do know that smartwool makes running socks now? I only seen them recently, check out their website and look for phd running light ultra for one example.


I heart smart wools!


Great review... I'm always looking for socks that are "just right" and I might have to try the Bridgedales out. They looks nice... and as a girl, that's always important! :) Thanks for the info

Lisa - Slow & Steady

I'm looking forward to your review on the new socks, my favs were from target and they don't make them anymore (grumble grumble)


What no cool designs? I like my smiley face cycling socks! :)