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Race Week!

Lifetime Fitness oly is this Saturday, and holy cow, I haven't raced an oly since 2005. This should be interesting. Actually, it will only be my third oly ever. In my first one (also my first tri), my timing chip fell off in the water, so I didn't get an official time even though I finished. In 2005, I raced with basically a month of training. This year I think I've got enough training under my belt, but since I haven't actually followed a plan, I'm a little nervous (even though I should PR).

I was hoping for a few last solid workouts this weekend. No such luck. It sounds like everyone had a great holiday weekend out there in blog land, but I was stuck in my office feeling sorry for myself. I hardly moved for the 10.5 hours Friday, 10.5 hours Saturday, and 12, yes 12 hours of work on Sunday. Steve was nice enough to go for a ride with me Friday evening, but no other workouts occurred. I was busy taking care of people who blew off their fingers, burned themselves after getting fireworks up their shorts, crashed their cars while drunk, had blood coming from basically anywhere you could think of etc, etc. Seriously. I can't make this stuff up.

I'm really excited for this weekend, though. My little sis Anne is coming up to hang out at the end of the week and come cheer us on at Lifetime. She's been at all the LTF tris that Steve and I have done, so it's sort of a tradition. Plus, this year Steph may come to cheer us on. She's got a fun costume in the works, so you know we'll have to post pictures. After the tri on Sat, we're heading over to my aunt's to celebrate the 4th of July a little late. So excited to see all of my family!



Best of luck this weekend (sounds like last weekend was sort of a bummer!) Race hard and have fun!


Sorry you had to work all weekend. That stinks. But it is hard to have cool schwag and pay for races without $. You will do fine this weekend. It sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you can post a lot of pictures.


Go Sarah Go!

Jumper 2.0

My son and I will be out to cheer you guys on!

If I don't see you before the race; have a good race!


youre gonna kick ass at the oly, i can feel it!


Hurray! Good luck.


I'm liking the internet in the Pharmie/Stevie household. All the posting is nearly too much to handle!

Good luck!


Good luck this weekend. Don't forget to smile at the film crew..


I'm a newbie to your blog but wanted to wish you luck this weekend. I look forward to reading your race report! :)


Wish I was racing with you guys this weekend. Could use a good laugh again. Good luck! Kat~


Good luck tomorrow at LTF!!


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