39 Week Tidbits

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Well, we're here. Today marks the 39 week mark. Officially, we have one week to go. Unofficially, we may have as long as 3 weeks to go, and my MD keeps reminding me of that. Everybody keeps telling me I look great at this point. I'm taking this as a sign that labor isn't coming anytime soon. In some ways, that's OK with me since I know that everything will change instantly when the kiddo gets here. On the other hand, I know that each additional week that goes by means another 1/2 pound worth of baby that I'm going to have to push out. Yesterday was my last scheduled day of work. With the way our department is set up, we don't have sick coverage, so I'm on projects until I officially leave. I'm hoping I don't need to be on projects for too long, but the flexable schedule will be good in the next couple of weeks. So since there are no real updates, here are a few quick stories highlighting what's been going on in our household:

* Steve and I have been tackling a few last minute small projects. Last weekend we did a lot of cleaning. This weekend will involve a few touchups. The BOB and car seat attachment are together and the house is stocked with groceries. Steve and I are spending a few hours today making a few backup birthday, anniversary, etc cards. I love being married to an art teacher. It gives me an excuse to have him help me!

* A woman who is interested in pharmacy shadowed me at work a couple of weeks ago. Interestingly enough, she's also training for IM Wisconsin, so she's been picking my brain on both accounts. When she saw the TYR cinch bag under my desk, she made a comment like, "Ooh, that's cute! You still bring a TYR bag with you to work!" A little confused, I replied that I was meeting a friend for a run around the lakes after work and my running clothes were in there. She kind of stumbled over her words and then just didn't say anything. It was hard for me not to feel a little offended by her comment and a little gratified by my ability to respond :)

* My neighbor asked me two nights ago if we are sure we're not having twins. She then found out we're due next weekend and replied that I look so good I make her a little sick. I think this is a complement?

* I was talking to my 70+ year old coworker in an elevator yesterday. We were discussing my recent newspaper article and how I'm still running. Another 70+ year old lady in the elevator commented that I shouldn't be running. Thankfully, my coworker told her that I was doing just fine. The other lady then went on to say that at 8 months pregnant, she went water skiing. How, exactly, is this safer?

* Abbe, my preggo running partner, and I are both signed up for the 5K tomorrow. It will be ON HER DUE DATE. I'm so happy to have found somebody as crazy as I am :) We figure if it doesn't send one or both of us into labor, at least it'll make for some good stories!

* Speaking of labor, as if I don't already talk about it enough lately, congrats to the Cara, Kelly, and Jess, who have all had their babies recently. I'm starting to feel like I may be finishing DFL in this race...

* And finally, here's a picture of the growing watermelon. I was a little nervous to post a pic with SO much skin, but I guess I've shown more when I've posted swim suit pics, so here it goes:

I'm not sure how much more I can stretch...

Race report coming soon!



You are giving me courage to continue running. I just found out that I am indeed pregnant. I ran a half marathon last week. I couldn't figure out why I was a tiny bit slower! My running partner found out she is pregnant too. She wasn't sure about running, but I told her about your blog! We went out and ran 6.5 today! I would like to run a half the end of September, only because I have done some form of the race for five years. I am willing to be slow. I will be almost 5 months pregnant. I think it is doable! Can't wait to read your race report from today!!! Good Luck! RUN HAPPY!


Congratulations, Michelle!!! Five months is probably doable for a half. I was still running close to that at 20 weeks, and if you need to walk a little, no biggie, right? You'll just have to see how you feel, take it slow, keep your miles up now, and make sure to eat and drink WAY more than you would in your non-preggo status. Can't wait to follow your journey!


Eeek, you're so close! (You look fantastic, btw. So happy and pregnant.) How awesome that you're running and racing until the very end. (It makes recovery so much easier.) Can't wait to read the report!


Found this to be interesting...is it a part of being 39 weeks pregnant to be negative about everyone you run into? Geez. As for running: it's ok to run when your pregnant; quite another to prove a point (such as running 1/2 marathons and 5ks on your due date). It's not about YOU, it's about the child. You only nurture them in the womb for 42 weeks. Surely women can go that long without having to prove they can run long distance, etc to ensure that re baby is ok. There have been numerous studies to suggest that mild to moderate exercise is ok, but that anything beyond that is not and potentially harmful to a baby. Why do you feel the need to prove you can so this when you are already completing the super feat of growing a child? I think when you are a little older and wiser, you ate going to look back on your actions during your pregnancy as foolish.


I can't believe the negativity of "Anonymous". You're doing the right thing for the right reasons and your baby will undoubtedly be healthier for it. Keep running, Pharmie!


The exercise you have been doing has in fact been mild to moderate, and adjusted to pregnancy appropriately. You have been growing a very healthy baby and anyone who knows you knows that.

There's not one definition of a 5K; unfortunately I think a lot of people only think "really hard race effort" when they hear 5K, when it can just as easily be a nice a chance to get out of the house and light jog/walk it for fun, which is what you did. And especially right now in MN, it's finally nice outside and it's hard to turn down a chance to get some fresh air without having to wear a jacket!

I'm sorry some think participating in a 5K on or close to one's due date is wrong or selfish, but that conclusion should only be made after knowing about the approach the person took. It certainly wouldn't be appropriate to treat a 5K in late pregnancy as a serious race. In this case it was just fun and something to do socially at a very conservative effort.


Hi Anon, I guess I feel the need to respond to your comments...
1. I haven't had negative experiences with everyone I've run into these days. Actually, I've had more positive experiences than I can count. However, there are only so many times you can tell people that everyone's saying how good you look. Along with all of the positive comments have been a few unwelcome ones. It's amazing how many people intentionally or unintentially dish out not so positive comments, myself included. Actually, I've thought about devoting an entire post to comments that you realize are pretty insulting once you're the one getting them (ie, telling a coworker you're pregnant only to have them respond that they thought you'd just gained a lot of weight over the holidays).
2. You must be new here or at least haven't been reading much. I've done nothing but post over the past few months about how running is the activity that feels most comfortable for me. I am able to gauge my effort easier (unlike swimming for me which seems super akward and leaves me short of breath). My intent this entire pregnancy has been staying active and healthy. My times have gone out the window, and I've happily waved goodbye to them. I am not sure how running a 36+ minute 5K while chatting with other racers and my fellow preggo running partner constitutes as trying to prove something (when I can usually do a 5K in sub 24).
3. The problem with the studies you are suggesting is that very few actually exist. That was actually one of the first things I asked my doctor when I found out I was pregnant. All of the studies out there are on women who were minimally active before being pregnant. They show that light exercise is beneficial. There's nothing out there for those of us coming from the other side of the spectrum who had been training 10-15 hours a week. Her advice, and the rule I've been following for the last 9 months, was to listen to my body and to listen to the baby. I've been doing this long enough to know when I'm on the verge of overdoing it. My MD still asks at every visit if I'm still running, and I very honestly tell her yes.


PS - Abigailius, you're awesome :)


I too am also a bit shocked, somewhat saddened but mostly angered, by Anon's post. Clearly your habits have been good for both you and Baby, as you are so healthy and have made it this far.

Anon, I've been running with this amazing woman for more than a decade. Trust me, she's adjusted her speed, intensity, and nutrition more than appropriately. I use her as an inspiration almost daily. Hopefully you can read a bit more about her journey and begin to feel the same.


pharmie, you look fantastic and your attitude is phenomenal :) keep doing what youre doing! baby stenzel is going to be PERFECT!


Lookin' good momma in waiting! This pic made me grin. You two are going to be amazing parents!