Slowly But Surely, With Emphasis on the Slowly...

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Things are progressing slowly around here. Henry and I are figuring each other out more and more each day, and I'm starting to feel a little more independent with what he wants/needs. Steve has been a HUGE help - feeding me when need be and taking on diaper duty for many of the daytime hours so I can at least make a trip to the bathroom once in a while. I am SO glad that he's on a summer schedule and can be home a little more often. Steve and I have both wondered multiple times in the last week how people do this with more than one kid. Seriously, moms of multiples, you have my utmost respect and admiration.

Endurance wise, I'm feeling good. I don't get too tired working around the house and going up and down the stairs multiple times. Steve and I got out for a 2.5 mile walk Wednesday, and it felt SO good to just get out of the house.

Out on our first long walk!

Somebody likes the carseat and the stroller :)

My legs, back, etc all felt OK. The rate limiting step seems to be my lady business. I think I grossly underestimated how long it would take everything to heal after 36 hours of labor, 3.5 hours of pushing, and some repair work. Between that and BFing, showers have been... interesting.

At least once a day on most days, I describe myself as bruised - just overall sore. I actually am bruised still on my forearm where they tried to place my IV for the first time. Nearly 2 weeks later, the huge hematoma is still a variety of ugly yellow and brown colors.

I'm trying to cut myself some slack. I don't take to sitting still for very long, so the last 2 weeks have been a pretty big adjustment in that department. I know I just need to listen to my body to know when I'm ready for more intense activity. A big part of all of this is how hard it is to leave the house. You know the difference between running and biking, how much more prep-work is involved to get out on your bike (pumping tires, emergency kit ready, water bottles, helmet, etc, etc vs just running clothes and shoes)? Well, multiply that by about 20 and you have what it's like to leave the house with a newborn even if it's just to be gone for 30 minutes. Sometimes it's just easier to stay inside. The fact that the weather has been so cool and crappy has definitely made this easier. I know that with a little more practice, though, I'll be more confident at leaving the house, and I really NEED to. It's just not good for me mentally for me to feel so cooped up.

On the weight-loss front, the first 2 weeks have been pretty dramatic. I am down 22 of the 42 pounds I gained. I know most of this is baby and excess fluid, but it's somewhat reassuring. I'm definitely not dieting right now as it can be detrimental to your milk supply and it's really the last thing I should be thinking about. I know the rest of the weight will come off MUCH more slowly, but it's still comforting. It's funny how much less I feel compelled to eat lately. I would say I'm back to my pre-pregnancy appetite - plenty considering I'm not as active as I was. However, I was SO HUNGRY ALL OF THE TIME when I was pregnant that it seems like I don't eat at all anymore (think 2000+ vs 3000+ calories per day).

Henry is up 4 ounces from his birth wt and 5 ounces since Monday, so I must be doing something right!

Well, my little man is waking up again - time for another round of feeding. Happy Friday, everyone! And now, I leave you with a couple of bathtime photos:

Henry's first "real" bath since his belly button fell off

Yummy big hands!



You look great, you're doing great, and your kid is ADORABLE! You're a mom! Weeeee. :o)


You look fabulous, Pharmie! Henry is such a cutie!


Sarah - I just commented on Steve's FB lat night that you look absolutely fabulous in that picture of you walking Henry! :) Seriously... major props to you!

I appreciate your honesty with how things feel, how long things take, etc. As someone who goes back and forth on the whole kids thing right now, it's nice to know that someone will be honest! :) Too many people I know want us to have kids and tell us it's a piece of cake and I know they are lying!

You and Steve are doing awesome! Thanks for the updates!


The slower you take postpartum recovery the faster you fully recover. If that makes any sense! I realized that I've been pg, or breastfeeding, or both, since 1999. This parenting gig is certainly an ultra event, so don't rush anything.



x2 on seriously take your time for recovery (4 kids here). I don't know if hospitals do "padsicles" or if they'd even help now, but after all my births my midwife made padsicles - take a Kotex, get it a bit wet (not soaking, dripping) and freeze it. Then use it frozen. It is AMAZING after birth. Considering how long you were pushing, they still might help you even now. can't hurt, at least! :)


You look great, Pharmie!

I was shocked at the postpartum recovery phase, too, but I think you should be on the finishing straight of it now. I would just walk close to home - up and down the block - until my lady bits started getting sore, then call it a day. I found that I was able to go longer every day, and that was my "training" for the first 6 weeks.

It does get easier to get out of the house. I remember how scary it felt in the beginning, but now we can make it happen really efficiently. You'll get there, that's part of what maternity leave is for is figuring all that stuff out. No one (who has been there) expects you to start out a pro.

Nice BOB, you're going to really love it!


What kind of stroller did you buy? I'll be in the market soon and think that yours looks pretty cool.


Thanks, ladies! It's good to know that this is "normal." I think I just had unrealistic expectations for heal time...

@ Anon - we bought the BOB Ironman stroller for the big wheels and the likelihood that we'd be running with it A LOT. The Ironman or the Revolution both have come highly recommended from athletic friends. The IM has bigger wheels and the front wheel is locked. The revolution's front wheel can swivel or be locked into place (essential for running). The BOB strollers have a separate adapter that you can buy for certain brand car seats. We bought the BOB and then picked a carseat that would work with it (Chicco and Graco both work). Hope this helps!


Ah yes, I remember it well. Definitely understand the 'bruised' feelings. You're doing GREAT - ease your way back in at your own pace, your body is smart at this point and will tell you when it's had enough.

As for leaving the house I forced myself out every day - sometimes we only made it to the drive-thru Starbucks, but at least I could say I went out by myself with my kiddo! :)


Be sure to take the time you need. Getting back too fast will just get you injured - and you don't want that with Lil Dude. It'll come soon enough.


Hi, I know we don't know each other but I wanted to comment that you are doing wonderful for this stage, particularly if this is your first. It does take a while to recover (I had one c-section and two VBACS) from both a vaginal and a c-section birth, and sometimes I even think the c-section was easier for me. What others said about healing faster if you take is slower is SO true. The padsicles are an awesome idea, and at some point warm baths were my saving grace after a day of on my feet with the older children in the first three to four weeks postpartum.

It DOES get better - again, I know we don't know each other, but if you need any support on healing or breastfeeding, I have been through this THREE times and would be more than happy to listen - (