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First Century!

Just wanted to post a quick note to tell everybody that I finished my first century ride yesterday. Technically, it was 100.37 miles. My total time was around 6:43, and I even did a 3 mile run-off afterward (my program only made me do 2, but I felt like that was somehow cheating myself). I'll post more on it later. Mr. SLS took lots of pictures, so you can take a tour of the ride.

First of all, let me say that I have the most AWESOME husband in the world. He not only rode 100 miles with me. He also did all of the hills I threw in. All in all, I'd say that the ride was about 60 miles worth of hills and 40 miles that was for the most part flat. We hit one mother of a hill twice. It's either bigger than or comparable to the 3rd hill in the IM loop. I did it sitting down:) There was a bit of a wind yesterday too, about 10-15 mph. More later.

I can't promise any long posts in the next couple of weeks. By the time I put in an 8-11 hour day at work (not counting my commute) and throw in my workout(s), I literally have NO time left in my day. This week's training schedule:

M: 8 X 500 M swim
T: AM: - 12 X 100 M swim; PM - 60 minute hard bike followed by a 30 minute tempo run
W: AM - 45 minute run with strides every 5 minutes; PM - 90 minute hill bike ride
Th: 18 mile run
F: 2 1/2 mile open water swim in the AM, 1 hour run in the evening
S: off - woo hoo!
Sun: 112 mile bike with a 30 minute run-off

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, but after such a successful week last week, I know I can do it. I'm feeling better about those cutoffs...

I slept 11 hours on Friday night and 10 hours on Saturday night. It felt GREAT!



awesome job on the century!!! You can do this!


Whahoooo!!!!!!!! Great job SLS - you kick ass. And shout out to Mr. SLS for cruising with you!


I am so behind on blogs and life at the moment!

GREAT JOB!!! And Mr. Pharmie is da bomb-diggity for riding with you! Those are some awesome numbers!

One month, can ya believe it?!


Great job!!! Can't wait for that volume to start coming down.